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All services provided by Pledge Technologies directly or its subsidiary are covered under the following terms and conditions:
  1. Pledge Technologies Pty Ltd is an IT services provider company based in Sydney Australia
  2. In below terms the phrase “The Company” or the word “Company” Refers to “Pledge Technologies Pty Ltd”
  3. In below terms “Customer” or “Customers” refers to the party which has got in agreement with the company for receiving its services.
  4. In below terms the phrase “Third Party Vendor” or” Vendor” Refers to the external company or vendors other than the company and the customer referred herewith.
  5.  All legal disputes with the company need to be settled in Sydney Australia Jurisdiction.
  6. Backup and Data Loss: Pledge Technologies uses industry recommended and standard Backup solutions for its customer. As per customer agreed on solution, Backups are maintained On-Site, Off-Site, In cloud etc. to ensure recovery in case of failure. However, in event of inability to recover data due to product issues, Infra issue or any unfortunate circumstance, the company cannot be held liable for data loss as it just a service provider.
  7. Hardware Issues: Pledge Technologies is not in a business of manufacturing Computer Hardware and Network equipment, we are resellers for various OEMs. We also function as a servicing agent between OEM’s and our customers as part of our services, But The company cannot be held liable for any loss occurring due to a hardware failure or delays in providing warranty repairs etc.
  8. Software Issues: Pledge Technologies provides support (at time through third party vendor) for various computer software’s, Provided either by us or procured by the customer directly. The Company is not liable for any delay or loss because of delay occurring in customer issue resolution specifically because of delay at OEM software vendor’s end. Company’s responsibility is only to ensure timely action is taken on tickets as per agreed SLA.
  9. A data loss or production loss caused because of an upgrade/Migration or general failure needs to be recovered from backup or other available solutions. Accidental and Unexpected failures  do happen in IT infrastructure and the company’s role is limited to using the best available solutions and technical options to recover from the failure as soon as possible.
  10. The Company works on agreed SLA with its clients. Our SLA where mentioned (Website, Agreement or any other official document)  is limited to first response to the incident and not a resolution target unless specifically mentioned in the customer agreement.
  11. The Company is not liable to pay any damage compensation Financial or otherwise unless stated directly in the agreement with the customer and adhered with all the conditions stated above.

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