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There shall be no Report of events (present or past) if you weren’t Monitoring it. To build a stable environment, we need to know the weak points of the IT infrastructure and protect them. Monitoring does the job to notify of an issue so that it can be taken care of immediately. Reporting your infra performance and availability is the only way to measure your success in maintaining it and ensuring that short comings are highlighted and  improved. We help you monitor and report your infrastructure.

It’s a digital world — yet only 5% of business applications are currently monitored. (Source: Forbes)

Depending on how critical your environment is and how much an IT downtime effects your business, you can assess your need of monitoring. We monitor a range a services and our monitoring solution not only monitors the situation but also takes corrective actions for remediation of the situation or at least notifies us so that corrective measures can be taken. 

  • Monitoring the Server – Performance is the key component for a server. We monitor your server on various parameters for a defined threshold. If it breaches, the automated corrective actions will be attempted and will be notified to the Techs if failed.
  • Monitoring the Application Services – Most applications run in the background on the server and depends on a lot of services. If any of them fails, the entire application will stop working. We monitor all Applications like: SQL, Active Directory, Exchange, Hyper-V, IIS, Failover Clusters, etc. If its found that the application has failed, the monitoring tool will initiate a series of action to recover the failed service and notify the Techs if needed.
  • Office 365 reporting – This report includes information about adaption of various tools in the offering like Mail, Skype, team etc. Utilization of various tools, Information about resources utilized, Security information, Login information like risky logins and a lot more information to help you get a whole some idea of your environment.
  • Monitoring your Website – Gateway to your Business for the rest of the world. A website is not just a website but its the face of your business, watched by billions of users across the world. We constantly monitor your website for availability and response time and notify you via SMS, Email or Call in case of an issue.
  • Monitoring SSL Certificates – Keeping the communication secure with the use of SSL certificate if important. Ensuring that the certificate doesn’t expire and leave your environment unprotected, we monitor it and notify you when it is going to expire in advance.
  • Email Delivery Monitoring:  We can monitor Email Delivery end to end to ensure that if any component breaks in your defined Email delivery path, you are notified of the problem before your customers report that your emails are unreachable.
  • Email Monitoring Report – With this report we can highlight the response time of your email infra over a give period, we can publish dashboards containing information about availability and Downtime.

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