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Disaster always comes uninvited, could be in the form of a Hard Drive Failure, Data Corruption, Virus or Ransomware Infection or something else. This is one biggest threat that all environment has and many may have been impacted by it as well. 

The only solution that is available to deal with such situation is to have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place. The plans includes a strategic plan to be able to recovery from any situation. Be it a Server Failure or an attach of ransomware, no matter how difficult the situation is, backups are the saviour for any organisation.

A study says that about 68% of SMBs do not have a disaster recovery plan and 60% would shutdown in 6 months after data loss (Source: Data Network Group)

Corruption and failures are part of IT infrastructure. We can hope they do not happen but they strike us when we least expect them. The only prevention we can do is to have a detailed Disaster Recovery Plan in place and ensure that it is implemented to fullest extent. Below, we give you a brief insight of solutions we use to protect your environment.

Our approach is very simple when it comes to Backup & Recovery: Keep at least two copies of your backup. One shall be Locally stored (on-site) and another at a remote location (off-site). The backup should run daily and notify the person in-charge if any issues immediately. No matter how small or big the organization is, this is the minimum requirement to ensure that your data is safe. 

  • Local or On-site Backup – A fastest way to recover a lost file, folder, or be it the entire Server. We plan and build your infrastructure in such a way that the backups are done daily and are easily recoverable. Backups can go on Internal or External HDD or a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device or on both. The objective is to be able to recover from any situation quickly when it demands for.
  • Cloud or Off-site Backup – There are multiple way to describe off-site backups, often called Cloud Backups. Depending on the environment, we help you choose the best solution which will ensure that even a catastrophe will not be able to take away your data from you. 
  • Server High Availability – Running an application in your environment that you do not want to go down at all. Not even when the server goes down. We help setup Server High Availability so that you no longer have to worry about Hardware Failures. 
  • Automated Site Recovery Services – We plan and implement solutions like Azure Automated site recovery. For you to ensure automated recovery of your Production machines in even of a complete site disaster.
  • Backup & Collaboration together  We also offer the most cost-effective file backup solutions using our collaboration solutions like Autotask Workplace or Microsoft OneDrive. These collaboration solution not only backup your files but also provides infinite file versions and ability to backup additional folders like Documents, Desktops, etc.

Get in touch with us for a free assessment of your environment and let us identify the best solution which will suit your requirement and your existing environment. We will provide you a clear understanding of the solution we can implement, its initial setup cost and Ongoing reoccurring cost (if any) along with the features and benefits you will get.

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