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Case Study

Relay Connector in Exchange Server 2010

February 2018

– about our customer

The company is a veteran-owned mechanical services firm established in 1970 to provide commercial HVAC and contracting solutions throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan region.

They install, replace, repair, maintain and provide emergency service for equipment ranging from large chillers, boilers and cooling towers to control systems to fractional tonnage systems and periphery devices for a wide variety of facilities.

Business Requirement

Fulfilling each client’s unique needs and providing services which are tailored to the distinct use, schedule, size, location and budget of their facilities. Some of there clients include College campuses, public and private schools, Govt Agencies, Commercial Office Buildings and Medical facilities. So, Proper communication in a professional way is a must when you are dealing and handling big clients. So, our customer wanted to send (Relay) notifications, updates and service updates to their clients via email using third party application which they were already using in their environment.

Our Solution

We discussed their requirement and advised them to use their existing Exchange Server 2010 to provide this service to there clients instead of purchasing any service from outside for this work. We configured and setup Relay Connector on their Exchange Server 2010 and then worked with third-party application vendor team to configure that application in such a way that it goes to the Local Exchange server, authenticates itself and then sends out notification/updates to there clients directly from their local environment.

Benefits of the Solution


We saved cost by utilizing local resources and services.


We provided security to Relay Connector by enabling authentication and to ensure secured relay of emails.


Customer was happy and highly satisfied as we provided a low cost and secure way to achieve their requirement/objective in their business.


Various third-party services were charging our customer for relaying their emails from there server. However, we saved their time, cost and efforts of dealing from any third-party service provider. We were happy to deliver such a solution using available resources and the customer was very happy.

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