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Case Study

Hybrid Server Backup Solution

January 2017

– about our customer

Our client is a firm serving Fairfax, Virginia in Commercial Law, Consumer Collections and Medical Collection cases. It is owned by an attorney who has been licensed for 38 years.

Business Requirement

Being a Law firm, the company has to manage a lot of documents, activities and dates etc., which requires a 3rd party server-client based application and it was working with very slow response time causing loss of productive human hours. Our client required a permanent solution with least changes to the environment and minimum down time

Our Solution

We checked the application’s dependency on the server and found that it was having a High Disk Queue Length (commonly knows as DQL) while running the application on all users simultaneously. Our suggestion to the client was moving the application hosting virtual server to a separate and faster disk as earlier it was sharing the drive with host server which consists backup application and other application hence creating higher IO/sec for the hard disk.

Benefits of the Solution


High increase in the application’s performance.


Server-client operation become faster after separating drives.


Minimum change in the existing server end setup.


Business was satisfied to have a solution which was quick, stable and without any change to their existing server environment. We were happy to deliver fast and easy solution to our customer.

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