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Case Study

Mimecast Encryption Archiving and Spam Protection for Office 365

March 2018

– about Extremity Healthcare Incorporated

EHI is one of the largest podiatry practice in the United States. They are the first and only company to develop and deploy a fully integrated podiatry operating platform group model that has the ability to scale on a national basis.

Business Requirement

EHI being in the healthcare industry they are supposed to ensure HIPPA Compliance. Emails Archival and message encryption is a compliance requirement. Although, Office 365 offers archiving and Encryption solution, however, business envisioned not to put all the eggs in a single basket and wanted an external solution for archiving.

Our Solution

We recommended EHI to implement Mimecast, a Leading email Spam protection, Archival and Encryption solution. Mimecast is a simple deployment which is stacked before Exchange online in Mail flow. It was able to archive all the emails not only external emails but also Internal emails which were routed to it via an SMTP connector. It also offered end users simplicity to manage the functionality themselves via Outlook plugin, Desktop apps and Web URL. It was a simple and cost-effective solution which also provided a failover in case of Office 365 services being down.

Benefits of the Solution


Single platform deployment of Archiving, Encryption and High Availability for Office 365 email solution


Easy to user interface (Web, Mobile app, Outlook Plugin) for end users to avail full functionality and manage features for themselves


Cost Effective solution


EHI was highly pleased with the effectiveness and ease of use of Mimecast and we were happy to deliver yet another convenient solution to our customer.

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