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Case Study

Implementation of Active Directory Group Based Content Filtering

June 2017

– about home security monitoring center (hsmc)

HSMC is a U.L. Fire approved, contract Alarm Monitoring Central Station and has been in business for almost forty years. They are a technology-driven security monitoring company with highly-trained security specialists. They use advanced digital technology to respond to emergencies within seventeen seconds.

Business Requirement

Being in the security business internal security in terms of web content management for employees is important for them. HSMC was using a Microsoft forefront HA cluster was an outdated solution and even Microsoft had stopped the future release of the product and it needs to be replaced with a Robust and current generation solution with ease of management and not too costly.

Our Solution

We suggested HSMC to use their existing SonicWALL (Firewall) devices to do content filtering for them as well. Sonicwall was integrated into On-prem Active directory and we configured various Content Policies based on business needs for various employees. Then we implemented these content policies to the employees based on their Active Directory Group membership. Which ensured that Content Filtering can be done along with employee onboarding just by making him part of required LDAP Groups

Benefits of the Solution


SonicWALL is a Market leader in Firewall and Security Solutions, they provide times updates to their Content Filtering and other security Features


We saved cost by utilizing existing Hardware available to Business


Solution was tightly integrated to Business Active Directory ensuring ease of management and new employees on boarding


Simplified the network for the organization by getting Firewall and Content filtering to same device


SonicWall provides Excellent Technical support


Business was happy to have a solution which was robust and fully supported and endorsed by SonicWALL. We were happy to deliver fast secure and cost effective solution to our customer

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